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Hand of Fate is live! - 09/18/2012

Jahpups, Sep 22, 12 7:38 AM.

"The fact that this is our fifth major downloadable content pack showcases our commitment to expanding the immersive player experience through regular content updates," said Jens Andersen, creative director on DC Universe Online. "Hand of Fate is unlike anything we've offered to date. From the very beginning, it was designed to draw players back out to our massive open-world cities and allow them to experience them in new, unexpected ways. We are pleased with what we have come up with and can't wait to hear what the players think."

Hand of Fate provides players with hours of new adventures and content:

  • Utility Belt Attachments Utility Belt Attachments expand the trinket load-out from one to up to four slots, allowing players to equip multiple trinkets, toys, pets, and consumables at once. All Utility Belt Attachments have at least two slots, while some also have upgradeable slots! Utility Belt Attachments give players more flexibility and options in the heat of combat without having to swap out items.
  • New Legends Characters Hand of Fate introduces the first arcane characters to Legends PvP. The Lord of Order, Doctor Fate and the evil sorcerer Felix Faust make their playable debut in Legends PvP as magic-wielding hand-blasters who conjure powerful spells and summon allies to their aid.
  • Operations – Six intense new episodes designed for group play – three Heroic and three Villainous – are now unleashed upon players under the direction of Doctor Fate and Felix Faust. Heroes will be called to help the Lords of Order protect innocent souls from the forces of darkness. Villains must complete perilous missions for Felix Faust to reap his rewards.
  • Side Missions – As players battle through the six Operations, up to 60 side missions will arise that take players all over Metropolis, Gotham City and beyond, pitting them against previous adversaries and new dangers that have arisen.

Legendary members can now access DCUO's Hand of Fate DLC pack for free. Hand of Fate is also available for $9.99 USD to Free and Premium players via the PlayStation®Network, the in-game Marketplace, or for PC players via the website.

SOE Live and the DCUO Tournament

Jahpups, Sep 22, 12 7:33 AM.

Hello again everyone,

I'd like to invite you to exciting Las Vegas, Nevada next month for SOE Live. In case you're not familiar with it, SOE Live is a celebration of all SOE games and players. It's designed to bring gamers and developers together for four days of talks, tournaments, and fun. It's the one gaming event that I've always wanted to go to but haven't been able to. When I was a programmer at SOE from 2000 to 2003 I always wanted to go to Fan Faire (the precursor to SOE Live), but could never make it. So, in some ways, this is a dream come true for me.

Legends PvP Tournament

For the first time ever, we're setting up a tournament with a cash payout for the winners. The first-place team will take home $3000. In all, there will be three winning teams. We're setting up a special 2 versus 2 Legends PvP map and will have our players battle it out in a single-elimination tournament. It will all come down to a Gold Medal and Bronze Medal game to decide the outcome. I'm especially excited about this event, since I'd ultimately like to see Legends PvP become a viable tournament (e-sport) game. So, practice over the next few weeks. It could really pay off.

The Next Big Thing

The topic I'm most looking forward to discussing at SOE Live is what I'm calling The Next Big Thing. In this session, we'll discuss our plans after DLC 5, The Hand of Fate. I can't really say more just yet, but I can't wait to get feedback from DC fans on our next major feature.

Player Panels

Given how vocal and inventive our forums are, I'm willing to bet that there are more than a few DCUO fans that would like to get behind the mic and moderate a panel discussion. For the first time, we've set aside a room so our players can devise and host their own panels. Sessions can be group or solo, a panel of up to four people.


  • Presenters and panelists will receive a free all-access pass to SOE Live.
  • Have your presentation/supporting material pre-loaded on your laptop.
  • It's unlikely we'll be able to accommodate all submissions, so please don't be disappointed if yours is not selected this year.
  • We encourage and expect open and constructive discourse. Trolling won't be accepted.

To kick things off, here a few ideas that could make for interesting Player Panels (not that I'm saying these should be the topics we go with):

  • Future Features Discussion
  • Powers Debate
  • User-Generated Content in a Licensed MMO - Can it Work?
  • Creating Great Player-Run Events
  • How to Design and Run a Great Fansite

Other Developer Panels

Of course there will be other panels where our players will have a chance to interface with the DCUO development team and talk about the things that most interest them - PvP, Combat/Powers, iconic locations in the DC Universe, really whatever makes sense and interests our players.

I hope to see as many of you there as can make it to Vegas October 18-21. Happy gaming!

Game Update 18 is live! - 09/05/2012

Jahpups, Sep 19, 12 6:53 PM.

Game Update 18 is now live everywhere! Take a look at the major changes this update.

Content Restructuring

Many Challenges, Duos and Alerts have had their difficulty tiers increased in order to offer a smoother progression and a full range of content availability. In addition, a number of new challenge modes are available! These higher tiered instances now offer upgraded loot and level appropriate rewards.

Challenge Improvements

Challenge modes can now be accessed through the On-Duty menu. The missions associated with challenge modes have been removed and are no longer available.

Bonus Awards

You will now receive a Weekly Award box the first time you complete a Tier 1 through Tier 3 challenge, duo or alert within a week. This award box offers a random level appropriate item as well as additional Marks of Triumph. Furthermore, Tier 2 and Tier 3 raids will award a Monthly Raid Award box. This box includes a random raid level item and additional Marks of Triumph.

Currency Unification

Marks of Distinction, Marks of Momentum and Marks of Krypton will no longer be awarded and can no longer be used to purchase items. All Tier 1 through 3 items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph. Content that used to award Marks of Distinction, Momentum and Krypton now award Marks of Triumph. The number of Marks of Triumphs awarded and the cost to purchase items increases with each tier.

Match and Duo/Challenge Bosses

Many Challenge and Duo mode bosses have learned some new tricks! Many will now use familiar weapon combos as well as Block. Their attacks may both inflict and be vulnerable to counter attack mechanics such as Blocking, Interrupt and Block Breaking.
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